Hello Dance Starz,

If you’d like to take a new headshot from last year, or you are a new company member, we are offering headshots on Friday February 4th from 4:30-6:00pm in studio 3.  It is not mandatory to take a new headshot, it is a first come first serve schedule.  We would like to display headshots either in the lobby or in the program at our March show.  Competition team members, you are excused from rehearsal to take a photo if you’d like.  Please wear a basic black tshirt, tank top, or leotard with hair neatly styled up or down with age appropriate makeup.



Hello Competition Team,

Please see the attached PDF for our competition schedule.  Our call time is approximately 1.5 hours before our scheduled time.  Arrive with hair and makeup done- bring items to touch up.  If you’d like to arrive with your costume on, that is fine too, but wear warm up clothes over it.  Remember to wear Dance Starz Spirt Wear!  Once you arrive, dancers will head back to our assigned dressing rooms, (there should be signage).  I’ll be there to warm up dancers and run thru routines.  Parents/family/friends are all welcome to come, they are also live streaming the event Celebration Talent – Regionals (click the Atlanta option to find live stream link).   Dancers will stay for the awards (listed after their dance category grouping).  If you’d like to come watch other Dance Starz numbers, please do so- we love all the support! 

*We will have normal competition rehearsal on Friday January 28th


Gas South Theater
6400 Sugarloaf Parkway
Duluth, GA 30097

Call Times (refer to PDF for performance times).

Saturday January 29th

“One Night Only” call time 11:45am

“Cover Me in Sunshine”  call time 1:30pm

Soloist- Kaleigh, Mia, Becca:  please arrive approx 1.5 hours before your scheduled solo time

Saturday January 30th

Door open at 7am:  Soloist- plan to arrive close to that.

“Rain” group and “Little Runaway”:  call time is 8am

Awards are at 12:15 and then we can all go home!

We are super excited for our first competition!! Please be mindful of call times, competitions may run ahead of time and we want to be prepared, warmed up and ready.



Hi Competition Team,

As we are gearing up for our first competition Celebration Talent (January 29-30, Schedule should be released soon, so check emails!) we are looking ahead at our February competition In10sity Dance Competition. (February 18-20).  Please find the attached pdf to see what is owed for your dancer.  Payments accepted- check made out to Roswell Dance Starz or via paypal.  The fee includes a mandatory media fee set by the competition, this give us access to all of our companies photos and videos.  Fees due by January 31st.  thanks!


Our first competition is only a few weeks away (January 29-30).  I will get the exact competition schedule from the competition company about 10 days before. 


*Our April competition, Applause Talent, is still scheduled for April 22-24. 

*Our May competition got cancelled.  I’m currently looking at replacing with another competition in February.  Please review the options below and let me know if you a preference.  

1.  Celebrity Dance Competition February 11-13 at Hotel Avalon


2. In10sity Dance Competition February 18-20 at The Venue at Friendship Springs in Flowery Branch, Ga. 

Hi Competition Team,

We will be ordering costumes for competition team soon!  Competition costumes are separate from the Dance Starz costume fees.  We try to use costumes from the costume closet or reuse a costume to keep costs low.  We will all be doing a big group piece that will require ALL competition team ladies to purchase a new costume.  See below for details.  Please pay by November 1st via a check made out to Roswell Dance Starz or pay pal using this link PayPal.Me

“Rain on Me” – For all team members

  • Ladies:  $59.95
  • Spencer:  wear shirt being used for Spring show, black jazz pant

Trio- “Cover Me In Sunshine”- wear costume from upcoming Spring show or closet.

“One Night Only” –Company 4 use costume from upcoming Spring show.

  • Mabrie and Lucy- owe an additional $47.95 each

Company 5 “Little Runaway” – use costume from upcoming Spring Show

“Imagine”- Use Costume from upcoming spring show

*See below for what is owed for Competition costume fees.



Costume fees

Ellie Clark- trio, group


Cara Daykin-Trio, group


Faith Green- Trio, Group



Lucy Berger- 2 group


Tinsley Davidson- 2 group


Rylee Blumberg- 2 group


Larsen Brantley- 2 group


Maria Reinhardt- 2 group


Skylar Sisti- 2 group


Sam Pais- 2 group


Mabrie Strickland- 2 group



Madeleine Kuoh- 2 group


Spencer Burdett- 2 group


Kaleigh Daykin- 2 group, 1 solo, 1 trio


Mia Schull- 2 group, 1 solo, 1 trio


Becca Tyler- 2 group, 1 solo, 1 trio


McLane Wallace- 2 group


Charlotte Garrison- 2 group



Nora Wilson- 2 group, 1 solo


Abbey Manus- 2 group, 2 solos


Carrie Gronholm- 2 group, 1 solo


Autumn Haga- 2 group, 1 solo


Ashlyn Davidson- 2 group, 1 solo, 1 duet


Campbell Griffin- 2 group, 1 solo, 1 duet


Palmer Phillips- 2 group, 2 solos



Hi Competition Team,

I wanted to give a quick update on our competition season.  Everyone is doing a great job learning choreography!  We will also be ordering costumes for group dances shortly, so stay tuned for more details for that

  1. Convention:  We originally had November 7th scheduled for our Fall Convention.  I’m a bit anxious to put all our dancers (mixed with other studios) together right before Thanksgiving, so I’d like to postpone until later this season (possibly February). I would like to have an in-studio convention for our dancers, like we did last year!
  2. Competition Team In studio showcase:  Friday December 10th.  We will have an informal in studio showcase of all our competition routines.  Open to parents.  More details to follow!

Reminders- competition dates (Same as In Handbook).  I’ll know exact schedule 10 days prior to competition.  It’s looking like competitions will be a go for this year!

  1. January 29th-January 30th:  Competition
  2. April 22-24th: Competition
  3. May 13-15th:  Competition


December 10th:
In Studio Showcase

January 29th-January 30th:
Celebration Talent – Regional

February 18-20th:
In10sity Dance Competition

April 22-24th:
Applause Talent Competition

[CANCELLED] May 13-15th:


Team Groupings

Group A

  • Ellie Clark
  • Cara Daykin
  • Faith Green

Group B

  • Lucy Berger
  • Tinsley Davidson
  • Rylee Blumberg
  • Larsen Brantley
  • Maria Reinhardt
  • Skylar Sisti
  • Sam Pais
  • Mabrie Strickland

Group C

  • Madeleine Kuoh
  • Spencer Burdett
  • Kaleigh Daykin
  • Mia Schull
  • McLane Wallace
  • Becca Tyler

Group D

  • Nora Wilson
  • Abbey Manus
  • Carrie Gronholm
  • Autumn Haga
  • Ashlyn Davidson
  • Campbell Griffin
  • Palmer Phillips