Roswell Performing Arts

Recital Classes
Recital program classes are continuous from August to May. Students learn dance and performance technique and choreography for their performance in the Spring Recital at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center. Registration for recital classes is not accepted during the spring quarter.

Roswell Performing Arts offers recital classes in:
• Kinderdance Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Musical Theatre
• Jazz
• Contemporary
• Musical Theatre Jazz
• Ballet
• Hip-hop
• Combo classes
• Musical Theatre

Adult Classes
Dance is the perfect way to socialize, exercise, and get your groove on! We are now offering classes for Adults ages 16+ at the Physical Activity Center in ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre Jazz, and Jazz & Hip Hop. All levels of experience are welcome! Adult classes include opportunities to perform for those interested but performance is not required.

• Beginning Ballet
• Musical Theatre Jazz
• Intermediate Tap
• Funk Jazz/ Hip Hop
• Beginning Tap

Non-Recital Classes
The following classes do not perform in the Spring
• Dancetots
• Kinder Acting
• Youth Acting

For more information on dates, times, fees, and to register for the spring quarter please visit: